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I've always had in my mind, wanting to buy but never saw how it was going to happen. So this was just the perfect opportunity – District 34 gave me somebody who made me accountable and made me take the steps to make it happen. That's why I'm so grateful because otherwise I would have just been saving up not knowing – having the money for the deposit but not knowing really what to do with it, or what steps to take.

Andrew O. - From renting a one-bed flat to owning a 3-bed house for his growing family

“I'm the biggest, biggest fan of District 34. I've already got my stepsister to sign up to District 34 because she’s looking to buy a house. I just can't sing District 34’s praises high enough. I felt so supported and I was given all the tools that I needed to be able to achieve this house. I know it's so corny but it's literally changed my life!”

Elizabeth W. - From disillusioned renter to owner of 4-bed house in 6 months

When I met John, District 34’s co-founder, he convinced me to open a Lifetime Cash ISA, and I filled it up thirteen months in a row. When I found out about the Biggleswade house I had the majority of my deposit saved up already so I just topped it up and said let’s pull the trigger. I used to pay over £15k/year in rent and now I am not only paying less but also it is all effectively going into my own pocket.

Shane R. - From paying £15k a year in rent to owning a 3-bed house

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