Own your first home within two years

  • No minimum income required
  • No minimum savings required
  • Get a grant to cover your homebuying costs
  • Bespoke savings plan with exclusive rewards
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Everyone deserves to be able to own a home.

Our accelerator scheme has been developed for Londoners of all backgrounds to buy their first home within two years.

Who is it for?

  • You work in London
  • You currently rent and do not own a property
  • You are employed and can get a mortgage
  • You are buying for your own residence, and not as an investment
  • No minimum savings or income required

How do we help?

Get end-to-end support across all aspects of homebuying:

  • Funding: A grant to cover all homebuying costs
  • Savings: Bespoke savings plans with exclusive rewards
  • Property: Leverage our expertise and data technologies to buy the ideal first home

About District 34

The 33 Districts of London are no longer affordable: the average Londoner needs to wait for 17 years and pay over 8 times their annual salary in rent before they can escape the rental trap and buy their first home.

District 34’s mission is to bring the dignity and security of homeownership to Londoners who are in danger of being left behind.

How it works

We listen to your needs first. Then we use our expertise in real estate, finance, and data analytics to get you onto the housing ladder within two years.


Apply to become a member of our accelerator scheme - it only takes a minute!


We fund early stage developments based on what our members are looking for, and make the properties exclusively available to our members to reserve. Our buildings are designed for real people, not investors or landlords.


We will tailor a savings plan for you according to your unique circumstances, to help you build up your deposit while the property is being built. Get into the habit of saving and earn exclusive rewards along the way.

Move In

Move into your brand new home. We provide you a grant to cover your homebuying costs so your savings go 100% into your property without leaking out to banks, agents or lawyers.


We are with you for the journey. The climb up the ladder continues after you move in – we provide ongoing support to help you continue saving and move up to the next rung of the housing ladder.

The District 34 Difference

Buying a home with District 34

  • Stress free home purchase
  • All homebuying costs covered
  • Help to Buy eligible
  • Buy within two years
  • Housing search based on data
  • Post completion support

Buying a home on your own

  • 1 in 3 home purchases fall through
  • Average costs of £3,000 (lost if fall-through)
  • High deposit required
  • Current average time taken is over 10 years
  • Dependent on estate agents telling the truth
  • You are on your own after completion



of salary spent on rent 1


spent as a lifetime renter 2


higher risk of anxiety and depression 3

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