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Yasmin joined the Home Buying Club and became a homeowner in just 7 months

And Bought Her One-Bed House

“In buying my place I reckon that I would have made mistakes that cost me thousands of pounds if I didn't have District 34 – and that is no exaggeration! Having a team that can back you up and reduce the stress that you feel is invaluable. I cannot put a figure on that value.”

Yasmin B.

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Nadia Bought Her First Place Only 5 Months After Joining District 34

She Now Lives In Her Own Two-Bedroom House

“I definitely encourage anybody who's looking to get on the property ladder to join District 34. I wish I'd found them earlier on in my journey! What I love the most about them is the team, the support, the help, the guidance, the advice that they give you. If you're looking to start your home buying process, definitely join District 34.”

Nadia M.

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Elizabeth Joined District 34 In May

And Bought Her Four-Bed House In October

“I'm the biggest, biggest fan of District 34. I've already got my stepsister to sign up to District 34 because she’s looking to buy a house. I just can't sing District 34’s praises high enough. I felt so supported and I was given all the tools that I needed to be able to achieve this house. I know it's so corny but it's literally changed my life!”

Elizabeth W.

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Shane Bought His First House Six Months

After Joining District 34

“Buying outside of London allowed me to buy a big house with a garden for half the price of the kind of flats I was looking at in London. It allowed me to have a smaller mortgage and more space. I now have a nice house where I can set up a dedicated office, have a spare room and just plenty of space. Also, the private car parking spot was a big plus!”​

Shane R.

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Bridget B.

Home Buying Club Graduate

“I know that District 34 is the first organisation outside of my family, and those that love me and care about me, that actually isn’t here to try and stitch me up.”

Bridget B.

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