Why We Created The Home Buying Course

Why We Created The Home Buying Course

Today is a big day for District 34. 

We’ve just launched the first module of our Home Buying Course to our entire database, after weeks of testing with our Home Buying Club members and our early adopters. 

The Course came from knowing you’re busy – and in need of knowledge you can trust

When we ask people why they’ve given up on ever buying their own place, the answer we get most often is ‘I don’t know who to trust. I want to get it right the first time but I have no-one to turn to to ask the important questions.’ 

Going by our Trustpilot reviews we know that London’s first-time buyers trust us to give them the unvarnished truth. We tried doing regular events at the beginning, but quickly realised it’s difficult to reach you all at a time and place that suits you, with lots of requests from people who had to miss the events because of work or family commitments. 

So last year we had the idea of creating a ‘Home Buying Course’ specifically designed for first-time buyers.

It’s been in development for twelve months because we wanted to make sure that London’s first-time buyers would be armed with the most important information for speeding up their journey to homeownership – and avoiding some of the most expensive pitfalls that often trap them along the way.  

We've designed the Home Buying Course to inspire you: for most London renters, escaping the rent trap and buying a home feels like an impossible dream. But we're here to disagree! The Course is all about getting you ‘from zero to one’ – from renting to buying your first place.

Here’s what’s in the Course

There are three modules to the Course, which we’ve developed based on years of experience in property and the many Home Buying Club members we’ve helped to buy their home. Module 1 is now live and Modules 2 (The House Hunt) and 3 (Closing the Deal) are due to arrive in the autumn.

Module 1 is all about ‘Getting Your Finances Ready’, with seven lessons helping first-time buyers to understand:

  1. The first step

  2. Deposits

  3. Mortgages 

  4. Affordable homeownership schemes

  5. Credit scores

  6. Hidden costs 

  7. Traps to avoid  

I’ve designed this Course to be one of the easiest you’ve ever taken. It assumes absolutely zero prior knowledge about property, so it’s perfect for even the most textbook-shy first-time buyer. Included in Module 1 are:

Seven Easy-to-Watch Videos: each video is under 15 minutes long and breaks down every element of getting your finances sorted.

66 Mini Lessons: articles, explainers, help guides and more, all helping you understand the course material. 

Seven Action-Focused Checklists: the Course is about doing, not just learning. Each checklist will help you take action and make progress.

Seven Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge: no exams, no certificates – just fun ways to make sure you’ve got the knowledge you need, ready to buy your first home.

There are no deadlines on the lessons or the quizzes: you'll be able to learn at a pace that suits you, because we’ve designed it to fit in around your busy life. In total, there will probably be about fourteen hours of 'studying' which you can spread out at your own pace. You can read more in the Home Buying Course FAQs. 

Some final words from me

I know that homebuying can be a lonely and scary process: but I want you to know that it is within reach. The Home Buying Course will equip you with the knowledge necessary to do it yourself.

So, are you interested in Module 1? Are you ready to start your home buying journey on the right foot? Sign up for our newsletter to join the free Home Buying Community, and get access to the Home Buying Course. 

Your Journey Starts Here

Escape the London rent trap.

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