Meet the Team

John Lim

Head Nerd

I was made to do lots of mapping when I first started out as a terrain analyst in the army, fell it love with it, and have been doing it ever since! In a previous life, I worked as a data scientist on public sector projects, including Crossrail, TfL, and various Government departments.

Susi Castle

Chief Marketing Officer

An award-winning marketer, Bloom mentor and graduate of the industry-acclaimed Mini MBA in Marketing, with seven years' industry experience. I'm driven by District 34's mission to use data science to give London's first-time buyers an unfair advantage.

Kennedy Williams

Public Sector Lead

Prior to joining District 34, I served as Parliamentary Assistant to Lord Best, chair of the Affordable Housing Commission. I now lead our public sector work to devise data-informed, tailored solutions to the urgent housing issues facing local councils today.

Joana Reis

Graphic Designer

District 34's brand is strong and it's my responsibility to help it grow. I’m constantly exploring new ways of creating innovative design to keep District 34 looking awesome! I create bespoke illustrations for all of our work, build UI design and create animations.

Josephine Dowswell

Junior Digital Content Writer

Having graduated with a first class degree in English Literature, I found employment in website content editing. Before anything else I am a writer: I have written plays, poetry, and articles for online publications. As our digital content writer, I want to bring to life the incredible services District 34 offers.

Jordan Schmidt

Junior Events & Community Manager

I used to work in some of the capital’s biggest nightclubs. Then I helped create private parties on a rooftop in the London skies, attended by artists and other celebrities. Now I'm here to expand the possibilities of District 34, and provide a platform where everyone can share their ideas with our network.

Our advisors

Min Bhogaita

Min has been involved in Big Data before it was cool. A founding member of Deloitte Forensic Analytics in 1999, he led its analytics lab in the UK and created DTect, a global tool used by the forensic team to pro-actively identify potential fraud.

Yẹmí Aládérun

Yẹmí is an architect and advocate for educational equality, social mobility and broadening access to the construction industry. She serves as non-executive board member of Women’s Pioneer Housing, and an ambassador for The Architects Benevolent Society.

Nathan Craig

Nathan is a Senior Investment Analyst at an impact fund which invests in Social Housing. He studied at Nottingham University before moving to Investment Management. He is passionate about demystifying the jargon-heavy property industry and getting more young people on the housing ladder.

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