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Here's what our members have to say about us

I'm the biggest, the biggest fan of District 34. I've already got my stepsister to sign up to District 34 because she’s looking to buy a house. I just can't sing District 34’s praises high enough. I felt so supported and I was given all the tools that I needed to be able to achieve this house. I know it's so corny but it's literally changed my life!

Elizabeth W. - Home Buying Club Member and Home Owner

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Limited slots available in the next Cohort

Our results speak for themselves

Introducing our recent Graduates:

Nadia M.

Bought just five months after joining District 34!

Only needed a 5% deposit

Shane R.

Bought a 3-bed home, 30 minutes from London

Saved £15,000 a year lost to rent

Elizabeth W.

Bought four-storey home with garden

Saved £6k a year lost to rent and discovered her dream area

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Why Join?

Knowledge Is Power

Our members-only group chat gives you direct access to the District 34 team and their expertise.
Your exclusive tools, resources and weekly events – like our weekly Q&A – are designed specifically for you and your needs.
You'll begin your membership with a 1:1 with us to discuss your unique needs, before joining our six-month Bootcamp to keep you focused, accountable and motivated.

Stay accountable

Our structured programme, with weekly seminars, regular 1:1s, tasks and check-ins, makes it impossible to slack off.

The power of community

Meet like-minded people on the same journey, including alumni who have bought their homes.

Get it right the first time

We help you avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary fees, and our negotiation advice has saved our members £100,000s of pounds.

Cutting-edge tools

Our sophisticated data tools give you the edge over other buyers by finding the best areas, researching properties, and making smart offers.

Exclusive resources

14 hours of recorded videos, guided resources, and powerful templates for each step of the process.

Proven results

We have been helping Londoners buy their first home since 2018, and have been consistently improving our methods.

More Member Benefits

Meet your future neighbours

In our Members-Only Club you’ll meet others in a similar position and embark on your home buying journey together. You may even end up as neighbours! We host the Club on Telegram to ensure privacy for all members.

You’re our priority

Be the first to preview our upcoming developments and product launches. As our Club Members, you’ll also get opportunities to help shape our products and services – so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that they’re right for you.

Get started today

Limited slots available

Unbelievably good value

Shave months (or even years) off your homebuying journey, and save thousands of pounds in negotiated discounts, time and unnecessary fees. All for less than one month's rent.

£295 upfront

Payable before you join. Get immediate access to our resources, community, and data tools with one upfront payment. 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

£295 on completion

Another £295 is payable on successful completion of your property purchase. Total cost over 6 months is less than £100/month.

No key, no fee

You only pay the second £295 if you buy a place, nothing if you don't.

Six-month intensive programme

When you first join the Club we'll sign you up to the Bootcamp. It's designed to make you take action.
Once you've completed the programme we'll be with you every step of the way to completion.

Monthly group Kick-Off calls

At the start of every month, you and everyone in your tight-knit Cohort meet to start work on the month's exercises.

Bookable 1:1s every week

Bookable on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 15 minutes with a D34 team member to review your personal progress

Q&As + Graduate calls

Every Saturday join your fellow Club members and Graduates to learn from others at every stage of the home buying process

Free weekend to rest up or make progress

On the last weekend of the month you can choose to get some much-needed rest, or keep ticking things off your list!

The November Cohort is here.

Don't miss out.

Get a sneak peek

An example Bootcamp Plan is available in the Community.

By the end of Month 1

learned the basics, chosen your solicitor and mortgage broker, confirmed your budget, and found 3-5 areas that are just right for you.

By the end of Month 2

identified and explored all of the areas and property types that suit you, to narrow them down to 1-2 options.

By the end of Month 3

done 15-20 viewings (5 viewings a week), completed your House Hunting List and narrowed down your list to your Top 5 properties.

By the end of Month 4

completed more viewings, plus second viewings of your Top 5, learned how to negotiate and put in at least one offer.

By the end of Month 5

had your offer accepted, appointed your solicitor, booked surveys and received a formal mortgage offer.

By the end of Month 6

had your exchange date confirmed and will be waiting to move in.

The Home Buying Club

Buy quicker, cheaper and with fewer mistakes

Club Membership

Two payments of 295 GBP / 50 GBP key worker discount

  • Six-month programme
  • Exclusive coaching
  • Monthly Kick-Off calls
  • Weekly 1:1s
  • Unlimited chat help
  • Weekly Q&As with experts and Club members
  • Exclusive access to collective bargaining

Meet our Founder & Home Buying Expert

John Lim

Joining the Home Buying Club will give you access to expertise like no other.

John is a self-confessed data nerd and is obsessed with the movement of people. Armed with his data mapping software, he can help you identify the most affordable areas to buy your first home.

The November Cohort is here.

Don't miss out.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you.
Have a browse through our FAQs.

Is this for real?

Yes, absolutely! If you're not sure we can help, check out our 5-star Trustpilot reviews and our Success Stories to see how we've helped Londoners just like you. Why not give us a try? A call with us is free and totally no-strings, so you've got nothing to lose (except 15 minutes of your time).

Do I actually need your help?

No, of course not! Plenty of people buy on their own every year. However, our Success Stories show that we've helped Londoners buy sooner and for less than they would have done alone. Research shows that first-time buyers are more vulnerable to pressure and are more likely to regret the speed/level of their offer, compared to experienced buyers. You're also more likely to be hit by surprise fees and obstacles. There's plenty of free help, just a Google away. But if you want experts on your side helping you avoid the most painful and expensive mistakes then you'll want to join the Bootcamp. We'll help you stay cool under pressure and only go for a property that really is right for you.

When can I join?

You can join anytime. The moment you join you'll get Club access, but Bootcamp Cohorts only start monthly. Our next kick-off dates are Monday 8 November and Tuesday 1 February – secure your place by speaking to us today.

I've got an unanswered question!

No problem, we're here to help. Email us on hi[@] or use our web chat to get in touch.

What happens if my circumstances change?

We know life happens. Redundancy, pregnancy, new job, an illness... there's no predicting what's coming. That's why our Bootcamp has a Drop In/Drop Out guarantee. Pause anytime. When you're ready we'll drop you into a Cohort that's at the stage you were when you left. No additional costs. You'll be a member for as long as it takes you to buy.

Will I really buy my place in just six months?!

We can't guarantee it. The six-month programme is all about putting deadlines in place to hold you accountable. In our years of experience we've found too many first-time buyers falling at the first hurdle or losing motivation after a disappointing initial search. We won't let you give up like that. Whether it takes months or years!

I'm confused. How does the £295 on completion work?

Once you've completed on the purchase of your first home we'll invoice you. You'll have 30 days to pay. And we'll warn you in advance that the invoice is on its way. No nasty surprises!

Buy Your Home Sooner

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