The house hunt sucks

But the Gemfinder is fixing that!

5 / 5

The best way to start your house hunting is with the lovely team of District 34, easy to understand information and so much clarity in this crazy process of finding your new home.


Are you wondering where to buy?

Our Gemfinder tool uses data science to show you affordable areas that are just right for you.

We've got the answers to the best locations

And we share those with our Home Buying Club members

Our data science gives you personalised results

We've crunched the numbers on 10,000 London postcodes. We filter them based on your affordability.

We use everything that matters to you:

-Access to specific London areas
-Crime rates
-Entertainment + nightlife
-And so much more

There's no faster way

to find the best area for you

5 / 5

The Gemfinder session was extremely helpful in pinpointing areas in which I might want to buy considering my budget and priorities. Not sure how else I would have gained this knowledge on my own!


Take the confusion out of house hunting

Join the Home Buying Club to get access to our Gemfinder

Find affordable areas of London

we'll give you results that are perfect for you and no-one else

5 / 5

Incredibly helpful and ingenious tool to find the hidden "Gems" that are specific to me, my budget and my preferences.


Stop wasting hours scrolling through Zoopla

Join the 108 (and counting) first-time buyers who have done it differently

Not ready to join the Club just yet?

Check out one of our most popular articles, Top 10 Cheap Areas To Buy in London, for an idea of what our data science can reveal. You can also check out our FAQs and book a call with us if you want to learn more before you join.

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