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District 34 uses cutting-edge data science technologies to get London renters onto the housing ladder. Think of us as a high-tech property matching service.

First, we understand our members’ needs through our application process. Then, we target and fund early-stage development projects that our members can afford and are within easy commute to their workplace.

The properties are marketed exclusively through our accelerator scheme: this way, we ensure that the properties become homes for real Londoners, not safety deposit boxes for investors.

Read Amanda's story to find out how District 34's Homeownership Accelerator Scheme can help you buy your first home within easy commute to work, even if you have a normal salary and currently have no deposit saved up yet.

In general, our properties are located close to major train stations with easy access to Central London, with affordable price points and a target commute time of 30 minutes to an hour.

We identify high-growth areas based on our proprietary Big Data analysis of over 500 datasets, including commuting patterns, migration trends, and house prices. While our members are homeowners and not investors, we believe it is important to benefit from growth when they sell and move on to the second, usually more expensive, property. Find out how we do it.

The most important deciding factor is you, the first-time buyer. We are led by what our members tell us they are looking for, based on commute times from their workplace and how much they can afford.

We believe every London worker deserves to be able to buy a home and so do not set a minimum income requirement. By strategically locating development sites with a direct train journey to your workplace, we can find properties within your budget, however low or high it is. Our blog shows an illustrative example.

Our unique model unlocks substantial cost savings because we have lower financing costs and cut out agency commissions. We invest these savings towards covering our members’ costs, including legal fees, valuation fees, and other miscellaneous items that usually add up to around £3,000. That is still less than the typical commission charged by an estate agent!

Your money is 100% safe. All new homes in the UK are covered by a 10-year home warranty and insurance guarantee, with comprehensive protection against a range of eventualities, including problems with the home’s construction.

Your deposit: Your deposit is protected if the developer goes out of business before the work is complete. Depending on the stage of construction, either the deposit is paid back or the home completed.

Your savings: We don’t hold your money. We help you choose a regular savings plan provided by your bank or any approved external provider (we do not recommend any plans that put your money at risk). The plan will pay you an interest rate on your savings, and District 34 will also give you an extra boost with exclusive rewards such as additional discounts on your property price and stuff for your new home.

We are backed by institutional capital and don’t charge any fees to you.

The grant is not paid to you, we pay the service provider (lawyer, valuer, etc) directly. If you do not buy a property with us, you will automatically not receive the grant.

None. You will need to wait for your property to be completed before you move in, but your deposit and savings are fully protected and are not at risk.

Please email us at hello@district34.com, or ask us for a chat over coffee (on us!) here: https://calendly.com/district34/coffee

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