We are on a mission to bring the dignity and security of homeownership to Generation Rent.

District 34 is built for Generation Rent, by Generation Rent. Founded by an ex-military terrain analyst, we are a team of millennials and Gen-Zs united by a common goal: to help our peers escape the rent trap before it's too late.

Generation Rent has been locked out of a property market that’s rigged against them, and over a million millennials are predicted to become homeless when they reach retirement age. We are rapidly approaching the cut-off point of 40 years old, after which it becomes significantly harder to escape the rent trap.

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Our long-term vision is to not just to prevent urban homelessness, but to end it.

Our core belief is that decent, affordable homes are a human right. In addition to our work on facilitating homeownership, we also work with the public sector and social impact investors to implement solutions to tackle homelessness.

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Escape the London rent trap.

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